Troy has been lucky enough to be in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

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Playing in the ice

Training on the sea ice, Cook Inlet, Alaska

Canoeing in Paradise

Canoeing in Paradise, Denali National Park, Alaska

Rongbuk Monastery

Rongbuk Monastery, Tibett

Potala Palace

Potala Palace,

Lhasa, Tibet

Full Moon Rising Denali

Full Moon Rising, Denali National Park, Alaska

Full Moon Ross Ice Shelf

Full Moon over the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica

Full Moon Royal Society Range

Full Moon over the Royal Society Range, Ross Island, Antarctica

Ice climbing in Iceland

Ice climbing in Iceland, Global Extremes Expedition

Jelly fish

Jelly fish, Seward, Alaska

Solstice in Denali

Solstice light in Denali Park, Alaska


Clam Gulch, Alaska

South Pole

Amundsen-Scott Station, South Pole

Sunrise in Antarctica

Sunrise over the TransAntarctic Mountains, Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica

Sunset in Tahiti

Sunset in Tahiti

morning mountains in Antarctica

Early morning light, Mt. Erebus, Mt. Terra Nova, Mt. Terror, Black Island, Antarctica

Wrangells rainbow

Rainbow in Wrangell St. Elias National Park, Alaska

Odd shaped icebergs. Antarctica Peninsula.

Gentoo Penguins.  Antarctica Peninsula.

Iceberg in the Gerlache Strait, Antarctica. 2008.

Penguin Rookery, Antarctic Peninsula.

Crabeater Seal, Antarctica. 2007.

Pristine Antarctica.

Gentoo penguins swimming under water. Antarctica.

Gentoo penguin rookery with the Euronav Belgica at bay. 2008.

Gentoo penguin rookery, Antarctica.

Antarctic reflections in Antarctic waters. 2007.

Antarctic beauty.

Looking down from the mast of the Euronav Belgica. Antarctica. 2008.

Antarctic iceberg.

City lights of Ushuaia. Argentina, the southern most city in the world. 2008.

Climbing Hvannadalshnjukur, Icelands highest peak. 2003.

Denali from Wonder Lake.  Fall 2009.

Iceland 2009.

Rocks on the east coast of Newfoundland. 2009.

Fall colors, Symphony Lakes, Alaska. 2011.