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Life on the Edge

A collection of stories of trips and expeditions from around the world. To purchase, click here.

Swept Away: Adrift Between Alaska and Russia (out of print)

By famed Belgian Polar Explorer and Troy's expedition partner, Dixie Dansercoer, this book chronicles Dixie’s and Troy’s attempt to cross the Bering Strait, on foot from Alaska to Russia in 2005.

Antarctica. Dixie Dansercoer in the Footsteps of Adrien de Gerlache

By Dixie Dansercoer and Pieterjan Kempynek, with photography by Laurent Dick.  This book documents the "In the Wake of the Belgica" expedition to Antarctica in 2008.  Troy was camerman on this epic journey.


Antarctica: The Last Continent. 

By Laurent Dick.  Incredible images taken during the "In the Wake of the Belgica Expedition"  Laurent was the offical still photographer on the expedition.  Click here to purchase on Amazon.



Swept Away: Adrift Between Alaska and Siberia.

Polar travelers Dixie Dansercoer and Troy Henkels accept the ultimate confrontation with the dynamic polar ice.  Their goal: crossing the relentless Bering Strait, a perilous stretch of water between Alaska and Siberia.

This documentary film by Filip De Rycke won the National Geographic award at the Trento Film Festival in Italy in 2007.  Cinematography by Johnny Steenbeke, Dixe Dansercoer, and Troy. 50 minutes, 2005.

In the Wake of the Belgica. Contemporary Adventures in a World Upside Down.

 A film by Simon Arazi chronicling the Belgica expedition with amazing footage of the original Belgica and Troy's cinematography work from the 2007 Belgica Expedition. A compelling look at a modern and historical expedition.  54 minutes, 2008.


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